Sami Social Science Database

Sami Social Science Database is a research and development project at Sámi Instituhtta/Nordic Sami Institute (NSI). It is based on a pilot project that NSI initiated and carried out in 1998.

There are two main reasons for this project: 1) A general lack of up to date numerical figures and statistics regarding current Sami society issues and conditions, and 2) The fact that if such numbers exits, they are difficult to find because they are scattered in different documents published by various institutions.

The main objective of the project is to arrange for development and management of systems - i.e. solutions regarding contents, organization, and technology - that can be used to give total access to different kinds of numerical data and statistics regarding current Sami society.

In the period 2003 - 2005 the focus is on a special project with the name Sami related statistics in Norway - contents, organizing, and management. This special project is commissioned by the Sámediggi in Norway, and it is organized as a joint project between NSI and Statistics Norway.

It is also a part of this project to establish contact with potential collaboration partners regarding Sami related statistics in Sweden and Finland (Russia is not yet included). This network building is meant to be a part of the work on development and organization of Sami statistics in/from all four nation-states with Sami population - as well as an arrangement for Sami contributions to international indigenous statistics.

The web site is both a part of and a result of the database project. The site is under construction and some pages might change from day-to-day. 

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