About the web site sami-statistics.info

Establishing and maintaining the web site sami-statistics.info is a part of the database project at NSI. The texts on the site are however mainly in Norwegian. The project does not have resources to maintain a multilingual net site. Some basic information about the project and the theme(s) will though be presented also in Sami and in English. In addition, a few of the project documents are written in - or translated to - one of these two languages.

When it comes to links to other net sites, these links are mainly to net sites/pages and documents in English or in one of the Scandinavian languages. This is so also when a net site that is referred to, gives the user possibility to choose Sami as the site language.


There are different purposes with this web site:

·     The site is meant to be a channel for dissemination of information from and about the project.

·     The main purpose is to develop the site to a gateway that gives total access to Sami related numerical data and statistics of various kinds. This will be done by collecting links to relevant net sites in general and links directly to pages with relevant data in special. But it can also be done by listing references to printed sources that can be of relevance. In some occasions it can even be adequate to give more extensive reviews of selected print material.

·     The site will contain selected links to other indigenous statistics, as well as give access to texts that deal with various theoretical and/or practical aspects regarding Sami/indigenous statistics as such.

Target group

Target group for this net site is everybody who is interested in the presented theme(s) in general or has needs for specific Sami numerical data in special. The information presented or referred to at the site will however be of varying relevance for different user groups, related among other things to the users' existing knowledge about the subject(s) and to their language skills.


All pages at this site can be shown in a printable format. This can be done by clicking on the command Printerfriendly version at the bottom of each page.

Be aware that the net site is under construction! Comments and questions regarding the site sami-statistics.info can be addressed to [email protected].