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Record for foreign guest nights in May

Foreign guest nights increased by 16 per cent in May compared to the same month last year. Never before have so many foreigners stayed at Norwegian accommodation establishments in the month of May.

Modelling of net domestic migration and net commuting flows between Norwegian economic regions 2001-2014

We document estimation results related to semi-log econometric models for scaled net domestic migration and commuting using panel data for 89 economic regions in Norway for the period 2001-2014.

Salmon price in the period of June 19th – June 25th

In the period of June 19th – June 25th the export price of fresh salmon came to NOK 89.46 per kilo, down by 11.2 per cent compared to the previous seven-day period.

Economic Survey 2/2023

Last year was characterised by high inflation, interest rate hikes and a rebound in economic activity following the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Growth in the Norwegian economy has slowed so far this year, and mainland GDP is close to what we regard as a trend level. The key policy rate has been raised by 0.5 percentage point this year and is currently 3.25 per cent.

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  4. Non-harvest mortality of cervids
  1. Portfolio investment abroad

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