Project information

In 1998 Sámi Instituhtta/Nordic Sami Institute (NSI) carried out a pilot project that discussed different aspects of why and how it should be established a database consisting of numerical data on current Sami society - e.g. demographic, social and political matters. The idea was that such a database could serve as an information and service agency for various user groups dealing with Sami related issues in research and education, in management, in politics, as well as in media and other branches. The pilot project was named Sami Social Database, and its results are documented in a separate project report (Nystř 1998, Norwegian text only).

In August 2000 NSI continued its work with these topics in the main project that was given the same title as the pilot project. In its first phase, the main project had a special focus on the considerable amount of challenges regarding how to prepare Sami (related) statistics in ethnically plural areas. But the project activities were also directed towards organizational, financial and technological aspects with collecting and disseminating Sami related numerical data in general and Sami statistics in special.

Based on experiences and considerations during the first year of the main project, NSI chose to initiate collaboration with some other institutions. These were institutions that NSI considered as both relevant and necessary to succeed in the process of developing a Sami social database into a permanent solution for dealing with Sami statistics - as a start in Norway. As a result of the contacts with these institutions, the project Sami Social database is in the period 2003 - 2005 organized as a special project called Sami related statistics in Norway - contents, organizing, and management. This special project is commissioned by the Sámediggi in Norway, and it is organized as a joint project between NSI and Statistics Norway.

The menu points The database project and Special project 2003 - 2005 give a brief summary of the background for and the purposes with the two respective project phases. Some information about the project can also be found in the documents listed under the menu point Project documents.