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Municipal and county council election, candidates and representatives

Figures for 2023

The statistics show candidates, representatives, chairmen and members of executive comittees by gender, age, education and immigrant background. Figures by county and municipalities with time series from 1945.

Statistics/ Elections
Innovation in the business enterprise sector

Figures for 2020-2022

The Innovation Survey provides information about Norwegian enterprises' propensity and ability to introduce new or improved products, processes, organisational practices or marketing methods. It also gives information about the framework conditions for such efforts and about how they are conducted.

Statistics/ Technology and innovation
Banks and mortgage companies

Figures for May 2023

The statistics on banks and mortgage companies compile balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for credit institutions, finance companies and state lending institutions. The balance sheet shows assets, liabilities and equity. The profit and loss account shows revenues and expenses.

Statistics/ Banking and financial markets
Construction in the coastal zone

Figures for 2022-2023

These statistics provide information about land use and construction in the Norwegian coastal zone, also known as the 100-meter belt, including islands with mainland connection by bridge or ferry. In addition, the statistics include the 100-meter belt around the main rivers and lakes.

Statistics/ Nature and the environment
Non-harvest mortality of cervids

Figures for 2022-2023

The statistics show the number of moose, red-deer, wild reindeer and roe-deer that perished or was killed beyond ordinary hunting.

Statistics/ Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Production index for construction

Figures for May 2023

The production index measures the development of activity in the construction industry. The statistics is a monthly volume index and is based on hours worked in the industry.

Statistics/ Construction, housing and property

Figures for May 2023

Accommodation statistics includes guest nights at commercial accommodation establishments and at privately owned holiday homes arranged by Norwegian intermediaries. Commercial accommodation establishments in these statistics refer to hotels, camping sites, short-term holiday dwellings and youth hostels. The accommodation statistics measure the level and development of guest nights at Norwegian accommodation establishments. Guest nights booked through international platforms such as AirBnB are not included. Commercial accommodation covers both supply (open establishments) and demand of guest nights every month. Statistics are published at different regional levels: county, tourism region, municipality and municipality group. Other regions are available on order. Guest nights in private cabins, holiday houses, apartments and rooms arranged by Norwegian-registered intermediaries are published monthly at a regional level.

Statistics/ Transport and tourism
Record for foreign guest nights in May

Foreign guest nights increased by 16 per cent in May compared to the same month last year. Never before have so many foreigners stayed at Norwegian accommodation establishments in the month of May.

Article/ Transport and tourism
Interest rates in banks and mortgage companies

Figures for May 2023

The statistics provide an overview of lending and deposit interest rates in financial institutions, and the distribution of lending rates by fixed-rate period. The statistics cover monthly statistics for a sample of banks and mortgage companies. A total count of all financial institutions is published quarterly, which also includes lending amounts distributed by fixed-rate period.

Statistics/ Banking and financial markets
Municipal environmental management

Figures for 2022

Municipal and County Authorities Environmental Administration: Dispensations for motor traffic on uncultivated areas and watercourses. Protection of nature, landscape and cultural heritage. Energy consumption in municipal buildings. Gross operating expenses.

Statistics/ Nature and the environment