Indigenous statistics

Since the Sami is one of the world's indigenous peoples, Sami (related) statistics must be seen upon also as a part of global indigenous statistics. There are mainly two reasons for this. One is that overall indigenous statistics can't be made without contributions from each of the indigenous peoples. The second reason is that indigenous peoples - despite differences in living conditions and degrees of recognition - also have many similar challenges. Among other things this is the case when it comes to development and dissemination of correct and adequate statistical material about and for one's own society. When working with statistics regarding one indigenous people, it may therefore be useful to have knowledge about how other indigenous peoples solve such tasks. In addition, it might also be useful to have access to specific statistical material that can be used to make comparisons.

At this page at the web site it is listed some selected links to other web sites/pages that in various ways refer to indigenous statistics. This can either be to statistics regarding indigenous peoples in general, or to statistics regarding one or more indigenous people(s) in special. Some of the links are to texts that focus upon different aspects with how to work out and with indigenous statistics. Other links are to specific statistical tables on various topics. Most of the links are to net sites and pages that use English as their main language.

The links are divided in two main groups:

Institutions and gateways refers to web sites/pages with material that are made as a part of the regular activities at the respective institutions (click on the group name to see the page).

Projects, conferences etc refers to web sites/pages that mainly present material from specific time limited activities (click on the group name to see the page).  

The lists at each page are first sorted alphabetically after state or region. Then they are sorted alphabetically after name of the institution or the project/conference title.