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Advantages of TMS Therapy

Are you considering beginning transcranial magnetic stimulation? Well, chances are that you are weighing the advantages and disadvantages. However, going for the TMS therapy will help you to overcome depression in the long run. You can’t afford to keep on fighting depression because it can be a serious disease with time. So, taking the right options by choosing to go through the TMS therapy is the best thing that you can do for now. All that you want is to fight depression without taking the medication and experiencing all the negative side effects that are involved with this. You are also tired of queuing at the pharmacy to get the depression drugs. Have you handled all the psychiatry visits, and you are tired? Going for TMS therapy is the last option that you have. When you keenly read this article, you have a better understanding of why you should go for TMS therapy. Continue reading.

First, there is a greater success rate with TMS therapy. The good thing with TMS therapy is that an individual responds well to the treatments. This is different from the old medication for depression where there were lower chances of success rate, especially if the first and the second medication do not offer the best relief. A higher number of studies have proved that TMS has a success rate of 68%, unlike the medication which is 37.5%. However, you should know that the TMS therapy success rate has not increased up to 92%. This, therefore, means that a higher number of patients with depression recover quite well when they choose the TMS therapy.

Long-term results serve as the other reason why TMS therapy is vital. You need to keep in mind that TMS therapy is completely different from the medicine-based treatment due to the fact the TMS therapy results are long-lasting after the treatment has been done. This is different from the medication, where one is required to keep using the medicines. If patients fail to take the medicine, they end up suffering relapse and discontinuation syndrome. When you go for TMS therapy, you will be sure of enjoying the benefits for a whole year.

You will also be able to get insurance coverage when you go for TMS therapy. While the idea of insurance coverage highly depends on the insurance provider, a higher chance is that TMS therapy is covered by the insurance. If you are not sure about your insurance, make sure that you have contacted your insurance company to make a consultation. Alternatively, you can contact your preferred TMS therapy center to ask for the same. When your TMS therapy is covered, it means that you are not going to spend anything on the treatments. This is one of the greatest benefits of TMS therapy because you will save on your medical cost while fighting depression in one of the best ways.

In wrapping up, you should know that TMS therapy is very safe. The reason here is that the TMS therapy is non-invasive. This means therefore that you will have the best side effect profile.

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