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Cleaning services

Continuously getting new customers is an integral part of the cleaning industry as well as all other service industries. This is the reason why cleaning companies are in sera h of top ways of bidding on fresh contracts and getting long-term customers. For one to make the best and compelling bid, they must know their clients and their unique requirements. You will also have to calculate costs and wages and select solid janitorial janitorial criteria. Below are tips oa that will come in handy when bidding cleaning contracts.


For you to prepare a successful bid, you will have to know your client well, their expectations and needs. This begins by understanding their industry and business and other particulars of the building. For instance, get to know if it is a commercial office that has low traffic over the weekends or not. If it is a retail space with high traffic it will need daily and constant cleaning. The best method of achieving this is by paying the premises a visit whereby you will ask the right questions, tour the premises and hear directly from your potential clients.

Be Detailed

You must thoroughly process all the info you gather from your prospective client. There are certain things that you must know before preparing the cleaning bid: the kind of property, business address and name; a main contact person even at odd hours; operation hours; reasons behind looking for a different vendor; property size contract timing; client expectations and size of the property.

Consider Effort Needed

Before offering a cleaning his to a potential client, you must establish the cleaning production rate. If you consider the square footage alone, the chances are high that you will underprice the work. What you should essentially do is determine how intensive the cleaning task at hand is. Does it call for thorough detailing and very frequent cleanups? Or is it a standard and surface level kind of job? You can get the right estimates by comparing with the other clients so that you assign high production rates to bid calculations. This will enable you to get a bit accurate estimates of the time and effort required.

Calculate Costa and Select Staff Members

It is critical to know the staff members who will be tasked with cleaning a certain premise before you make a bid. These individuals will require all necessary experience a d skills to meet the needs of the clients.

You will also have to determine the amount of money you will have to pay your employee to clean the property. You must also think of scheduling since you want your staffs costs to be as feasible a d accurate as possible. Basing the rates and hours from team members who already have very tight and busy schedules is a waste of both calculations and time. Make sure you assign employees tasks that they can handle amicably so that they can do a thorough job.

Lastly, you should go back to the previous step of the already compiled details and add up the labor costs with other important expenses like equipment used for the job and supplies.

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